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On Back App you sit with your feet on a footrest padded with a soft damping material. The sitting position and the gentle motion ensure a wonderful sitting experience. This is a chair that gives you something extra.

The documentation shows that when sitting on the Back App your muscles work less than half as much as when sitting in a regular office chair. The gentle movement of the Back App exercises the muscles that support the spine. The movement when sitting on the Back App comes about because you constantly have to balance yourself.

Technical specifications

  • The new frame is made from 99.9% recycled die-cast aluminum and is available in a Silver Grey, Black Grey and Polished finish.
  • The ball is molded onto a tube that can be screwed into and out of the aluminum frame to control the tilt of the chair.
  • A tilt indicator with green and red color is integrated with this tube.
  • A stop function prevents the ball from being removed.
  • Damping material is attached with double sided tape that improves adhesion with use.
  • To simplify chair choice Back App 2.0 only comes with one lift height. See the dimensions on the drawing.
  • The seat is slightly smaller and neater than before and has a rounder shape with a central slot to ┬áreduce pressure in the prostate area.

Additional information


Nordic Wool, Alcantara, Artificial Leather

Ball Color

Red, Black

Fabric Color

Black, Goya Red, Commodore Blue, Anthracite

Base Color

Silver Grey, Black, Polished Aluminum

2 reviews for BackApp

  1. Steve W

    Besides being more comfortable while sitting, I also find that I cannot resist to “wobble while I work”. Sitting has never been so much fun and invigorating. I’m hooked!

  2. Joseph McClendon, III

    Over the years I have tried many, many chairs looking for that right combination of comfort, functionality, ease of use and something that would help my posture and reduce my stress and fatigue. I purchased no fewer than five chairs over the past several years and most fell short. Especially in the area of improving posture and reducing the fatigue. I first experienced the backapp chair while I was teaching from the stage. The chair was sitting on the stage and from time to time ago sit down. I found myself gravitating back to the chair over and over again. And loving it. Now having one in my home and in my office. It has changed everything. All of the areas that are important to me are spot on. The chair causes me to sit properly. And I’m constantly moving I feel my core getting stronger. My posture is definitely better and I don’t have the fatigue like I did before. Perhaps the coolest thing is it makes me work. I call it might functional chair. Because I’m always moving. And the movement keeps me alive instead of just sitting there. You can’t go wrong with one of these baby’s. My recommendation is that you strap one of these on and see what it can do. You’re going to love it.

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